Gone Camping! is an upcoming zine centered around Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.



Gone Camping! is an unofficial zine celebrating all things Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, from its adorable campers to the game's various events & activities.⛺ Digital-only zine and merch
⛺ For-charity, raising proceeds for an environmental charity (to be decided)
⛺ SFW content only


Q. Will there be any physical book/merch made?At the moment, there are no plans for a physical book or physical merch to be made.Q. How many contributors will you be accepting into the zine?This will be determined after our interest check ends.Q. Are you only accepting artists?No! We're also accepting writers for this zine, alongside page artists, merch artists and spot illustrators.Q. How will contributors be compensated?As this project is slated to be digital-only & for charity, all contributors will be given a copy of the digital zine and any other digital merch created upon release.Q. I don't have any zine experience. Can I still apply?
Certainly! Everyone is welcome to apply regardless of whether you've participated in a zine or not. Our mods will be choosing contributors based on the quality of their art/writing, not their prior experience.
Q. I have a question and I can't find an answer for it!
Feel free to send us a DM on our social media, or send us an email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


March 30Zine announcement
April 5–May 5Interest check period
May 10Interest check results
May 15–June 15Contributor applications period
June 25Contributor applications results
June 25–July 2Onboarding period
July 2–July 9Pitches
July 12Pitch assignments
July 31Check-in 1
August 31Check-in 2
September 30Check-in 3
October 20Final submissions
November~Zine release


ALICE – head/art modhello! i'm Alice (22 | she/they)i'm a graphic designer, writer, and illustrator that loves videogames and cats! you can check out the projects I've worked on in my carrd!Favorite camper/s: Mitzi & Kiki

HAWK – writing modhey all! i'm Hawk (23 | they/them)i'm a professional book editor by day, and a fiction author by night! i'll do my best to help the writers with anything they might like!Favorite camper/s: Kicks

ARO – graphics modhello, i'm aro (17 | he/him)i do graphic design and layouts for student publications! i do the video games and drawing in my free time as well :DFavorite camper/s: Roald

BELLE – organization modhello, hello! i’m belle (21+, any pronouns)i’m the organization mod for this zine. feel free to contact me if you need assistance!Favorite camper/s: Apollo & Fang

MIRA – social media modHi, I'm Mira! (any pronouns)I'll be making sure our social media is active. I just think the franchise deserves all the love it can possibly getFavorite camper/s: N/A

EMILY – formatting modHiya, I'm Emily (23/they)I am never going to give you up, let you down, run around and desert you, make you cry, say goodbye or tell a lie and hurt you. Except when it comes to rickrollingFavorite camper/s: N/A